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Interesting Day

<p>It's been an interesting day today.&#160; All I did today was rest.&#160; I've been a&#160; little under the weather, but I'm better.<br>
As I write this blog I am sitting amongst family.&#160; My aunt whom I love dearly is visiting.&#160; It is interesting because this particular aunt has been steady trying to ruin my image before my family for the last two years.
  Ever since I came into being, its like certain people especially church folks have tried to discolor my good name.  However, it did not work.
  At least she hasn't brought up an entry on this blog or my YouTube account.  She has tried to find out all my dirt.  What about her dirt?
When people have secrets they'll try to expose others.  The weapon is formed but it won't work.
Love ya,

Long Few Days

Hello. I apologize for not writing. I'm a little under the weather. Will be back writing soon.

Pay the Gay Away


@XemVanAdams But a KWEEN!!!!

Xem VanAdamsis one handsome, awesome, comic youtuber and he stands up for the kids.  Well in a recent video he tells us to "Think like a Gay Man, but Act Like a Kween." What is a "kween?" A Kween is the stereotypical, flamboyant, gay in the group.  Get into Xem's philosophy below.

If You Don't Like It, Then Kiss My ...

Well Today has been one heck of a day.  Of course I had to work, but today was like no other.  I was actually excited for a change.  I guess because I had a good day and got some things done for me.     I am thankful for me being able to give thanks and not complain about my current plight as I had been. I've learn complaining just pisses everybody off. Complaining is annoying and not cute. Who wants to hear you bitch and moan all the time? I'm just saying darling.  Complaining is just stupid. Well nevertheless. Its game time. Love ya Musique

Brandon Elizares, 16, Committed Suicide

It is with sadness that I report that we have lost another teen due to suicide.  Brandon Elizares, age 16, committed suicide last weekend after being bullied for 2 years just for being gay.  He was found by his mother who states to KFOX 14:

News spoke Elizares’s friends and mother, Zachalyn Elizares, at her Northeast home on Friday, and she said that her son was bullied at school for two years because he did not want to hide the fact that he was gay.

“He got bullied simply for being gay,” Elizares said. “He’s been threatened to be stabbed. He’s been threatened to be set on fire.”

Elizares said the El Paso Independent school district did everything it could to help solve the problem.

“They’ve reprimanded several kids and they did everything that they could,” Elizares said.

My question is what are the school officials doing as well as teachers, to prevent or crack down on bullying. What in the hell happened to the "Zero Tolerance" Policy. They should start enforcing that. I'…

Disney Reading the Hoes


Boys and Motorcycles

At one time I wanted a motorcycle. I still want one. It's amazing what we dream of as little lads.  I dreamed of having myself at an event on a motorcycle and getting so much attention that I'd be a sex symbol.
Heck I'm still a sex symbol.  I'm just sexy.  Its something to dream about something, but constantly here what type of people do what in an attempt to make you live their dream for you. 
I did that lonf enough.  As I explore the remainder of my 20s I am determined to reach for the stars. I am currently working on my music career.
  My life dream is to be a stellar recording artist.  I aim to reach it.
  I guess I already have my motorcycle. It's my talent and music.  It is going to take me far.  It actually has already taken me to great heights and it isn't done yet.  Well I have my motorcycle.
It is me.

Thoughts On a Sunday

I've had a long day today.  I had to be amongst the religious people all day today.  However, I'm home and I'm sitting my fat butt on this computer typing to you all craving some sweet watermelon.  However, today has been a great day.  I've had to deal with sneers and some looks from religious folks simply because of some moves that I am making for me. It is funny that I catch the most hell from church folks. I ain't scared though, I thank my Luckey Star, that I'm still alive and loving.
  I'm glad that I'm finding myself.  I've been on a whole new vibe.  I'm making things happen in a way where it benefits me regardless of what people say or do.  Just today I made waves, but actually wearing something that shocked the crap out of everyone.  I really stopped caring what people think or do.  It's all about me right now.
  Even though right now I am single, I've stopped looking for a mate and decided to find myself.  I realize that a pe…