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Love Me

Love me.
That's all I ask.
Accept me, Don't leave me.
Love me.
Is that too much to ask?
Why change me?
I guess I'm too much for you.
Am I too open and honest for you?
I love me enough not to care.

Sherman Hemsley aka George Jefferson has Died

It is with sadness that I report that the dynamic actor Sherman Hemsley of "The Jefferson's" has died.  Mr. Hemsley portrayed that famous role of "George Jefferson" along side the late, Isabel Sanford on the hit show "The Jeffersons." Who can forget his role as Jefferson beginning on the hit show "All in the Family." In later years he starred in the hit series "Amen," as well as on other sitcoms such as "Fresh Prince of Bel Air."  He died in El Paso, Texas.

A New Thing

There is a scripture that I love in the Bible. It is in Isaiah 43:19.  It teaches us in the preceding verse, 18, to forget about the past and to move on because God, in the 19th verse, is doing a new thing.
  I am thankful for this scripture because God is truly doing a new thing in me.  I can tell that He is positioning me and giving me a new outlook not only about myself, but about life.  Even with people that I am connected too.  I'm in a season in which, I'm transitioning, spiritually and mentally. I'm also transitioning emotionally.  I realize that the past was really a hold up and that in order for me to go further, I have to deal with things differently.
  Especially when it comes to my dear old family.  Recently, I've decided to really continue to press ignore and prove to them that I don't really need them.  I've steady been proving my independence.  With me recently buying another car and making decisions, I can truly see how pissed on relative in…