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Letting it Go

Last night, I had a deep conversation with my friend, Senor Paco.  He and I were talking about some major issues that have been affecting my life.  Some of it was family and some of it was old hurt that I thought I had dealt with.  Well I guess I've partially dealt with it.
  Sometimes I ask myself, how should I deal with the hurt from the church, how can I move on from being defensive about everything?  These are serious things.  As of last night, I've been on a new thing and I've been on a new tangent. I'm getting my life back and I'm doing it so I can live, breathe, and be free.  I'm also to the point with dear old uncle, that I'm just gonna do as I've said and done before, "press ignore to the monkey."
  He and I recently got into it over some skinny jeans.  He told me that I looked like a woman and I simply said that I was an adult.  What's so bad about it is that one of my mentors was on the phone and he heard it.  He was very ups…

Life as I Know It

Over the last couple of days, I've been made to smile and I've been made angry over simple silly stuff. However, I am over looking a lot of things.
  I am purposefully overlooking things, because I have a life to live and I refuse to let anyone cause me to miss out on anything.  This past Sunday was a big day for me because I've opened up some new doors and thank God for opening them for me.  I began a new chapter in the religious sector.
  Life as I know it is looking up for me.  I want to thank you all for the love and support that you've shown this blog.
Life as I know it, is getting better than expected,