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Learning to Be Grateful

There is a song that I absolutely love by the late Bishop Walter Hawkins.  It simply says "Be Grateful."  Here lately, it seems as if I've been dealing with a lot.  It seems as if I've been in some sort of storm.  I am thankful, that I am surviving.  I refuse to give up and die.  Through it all, I've learned to just be grateful for things.  Things could be worse and things could be where I didn't have a place to stay, no food to eat, no job, and no clothes, but I am yet grateful.
  Thankfully, I am following what the Bible says, "In all things give thanks." Many of you know the things that I've been going through.  Right now, I'm finally dealing with some pain, that I thought I was over, but I thank God that I'm making it through.  It's all apart of healing. Well I'm out,

Dancing through it All


Michael Clarke Duncan "Green Mile" Dead at 54

It's with sadness that I reported, that "Green Mile" actor, Michael Clarke Duncan has passed.  He had been hospitalized for a heart attack in July. He should some improvement.
  According to sources, his fiancee, Omarosa Manigault, was with him in his hospital room and left for a short period of time. When she came back he had passed.
  Let us keep his family and friends in prayer.


Well I've made some changes today.  I've started back exercising.  I'm so proud of myself.    It's been a couple of months since I set an exercise schedule.  I'm learning that it along with dancing is a good stress reliever.  I feel a little less stressed than I did earlier at work.      I didn't do a whole lot. I'm easing my way back into it, however, I've got to do some choreography for a weekend event and I want to be in shape.   Exercise is good for us men folk in many areas.  Especially in our "man parts" area.  Anyway. I'm out

Happy Labor Day