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I Don't Fit

Hi, I'm a black sheep.  I stand out where ever I go.  It doesn't bother me. It's been that way all my life.
  It's something when you realize constantly in life, that you don't fit.  It's been that way all of my life. Growing up as a kid with my other cousins, it was always seen that I didn't fit. Look at some of the family photos and you'd see that certain ones would distance themselves from me.  Even in school I was an outcast because I didn't dress like the other kids, I followed the rules, and I didn't sag my pants like everyone else.
  Even now that I am grown, I'm still a Black sheep amongst some of my peers because of my sexuality, my demeanor, and the fact that I am a Christian.  I'm just real.  I have share of issues.  I live life and I strive to make money and do what's right for me.
  I guess because I'm not built to fit in with everyone.  That's life.
  I'm the Black Sheep and I love it.

@JoannePrada First Blind Date

I live for Miss Prada aka Branden on youtube. Miss Prada will keep you in tears. Recently, Miss Prada had her first blind date. Check out the video to see how it goes.

Tuesday Night Moments

As I sit and I write this blog, I am sleepy as crap and getting ready for bed.  I've had a pretty easy day and it hasn't really been eventful, thankfully.  However, today has really been a day of prayer for me.
  The last few days have been a challenge.  Many of you know the issues with my family and the fact that I've got a serious case of bitterness and anger.  I have really been praying and trying to find my faith again.  I had almost lost it.  Why?
  Well the reason being that the last few years I have been burnt by religious people. The sad part is that its been with family.  I've been at a loss for words.  I had hurled insults and curses and I had to stop myself because I wasn't following what Yahweh had told me. I had been showing my hatred and cursing those who hate me, when clearly G-D says "Bless those who curse you."  I may have to show kindness when I want to tear crap up, but I have to do it in order to show God that I can turn the other c…

If You're Married

Hey Guys,
With all the rage about gay marriage and the sanctity of marriage, one would think about the couples who are married, but cheat or just obviously disregard their current spouse. The host, Bradley of the Bradley Show goes into detail and chronicles experiences with being approached by married people. Get into the video below.

Rainy Days and Mondays : October 1st

Today was a kind of bland start to October. It was Rainy and It was Monday.  It reminded me of the song of the hit group "the Carpenters" featuring the late Karen Carpenter and her brother Richard Carpenter.  For some reason as they say "rainy days and Mondays always get me down."  Take a listen

Moving to Washington DC 2013

Hey Guys. I have mentioned this lightly.  Well I have big plans for next year.  2013 is my year of release and letting go.  I have made plans to lave South Carolina and to Move to Washington DC. My plan is to work in DC and live in some part of Maryland near DC.  I will also be doing ministry in DC.  I am actively looking for a job in DC and Maryland as well as Putting back as much money as possible.  I am believing God for a miracle. I trust him for all things to work out.  If you support this blog please chipin below, Thanks.

B. Slade- Secret Admirer


Overly Religious People

Religious People are Stupid to Me.   I say this because only religious people will point out everyone else's flaws except their own.  I was reading over a blog dedicated to "exposing homosexuality" and "keeping God's people informed," and all I saw was a lot of judgmental filth.  It was through speculation that certain Gospel artists were gay and that some churches should be closed for having homosexuals in the church.  I read some of it and it seems as if a self hating gay himself wrote it.   I will not publish the name of this blog simply because they have no reason being listed on THIS BLOG!!!!     I was at a point to where I almost stopped believing in God because of these overly religious people.  Not to mention that since my teens I was persecuted by the church because of my femininity and the fact that I did sag or act like the other boys, but that was just me.  I didn't know that God had a problem with anybody. Maybe the things people do that a…