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Hello Everyone, This is your boy, Musique, the owner of this blog.  Over the last month or so many of you have seen some changes in this blog.  There is a time and season for everything and for everything there is a reason.   For starters, I have a new way of linking blog entries, artists, music, and other places I'd love for you all to visit.  For instance many of you have seen my name in the beginning sentence, it is underlined and colored red.  This is done to signify that this is a link to other blog entries, music videos, artists that we all love, and other websites that may be of some use to you all.
  I do want to thank you all for your love and support, comments, as well as the shares. You All Be Blessed. Love ya,


Have you ever met someone or been in a place to where you wanted or needed something and you asked someone else to get it because you were tired or either you felt like you needed help to get what you needed?    Whenever you asked someone did they tell you to "get it for yourself, fool?"
  Well I'm applying this to dreams and goals.  Whatever it is that you need or want out of your life, you have to go get it for yourself.  You can't wait on anyone else to hand it to you or to give you the things that you so desire.  You must get it for yourself. NO ONE CAN GET YOUR DREAM ACCEPT FOR YOU!!!
  Whenever we see an ambition sometimes we often times look for those who could more than likely help us, but we then realize that what we need and require is really inside of us.  That gifting that is within us, must be exercised and exercised properly.  God has given us everything that we need and it lies within us.
  You remember in Habakkuk 2:2-3  And the LORD answered me, a…

Barack, Shantay, You Stay!!!


Is There Any Way ?

For the last couple days I've been wondering, "God is there any way that I can make it."  I just been there.  With warning a friend that a step that he is about to take is dangerous, it seems as if he made the step regardless of warnings not only from me but from several other friends.  I am hurt because I see the road in which this friend is about to take. What do you do when you try your best to keep someone from making a mistake?  I guess let them learn the hard way.   It's difficult sometimes when you want so much for a person to stay on the right path and they won't listen. I guess because I've been there and have done that.  I just don't want this person's reputation to be stained by a messy queen, nor do I want my friend's feelings to get hurt while he's reaching his dreams.  I guess I just need to let go and let God and stop talking.  I do pray that he will see what's what before its too late.  Lord, Is There Any Way that this p…

Look Semmi- Coming to America


White People Mourning Romney

There is a new website on the market. It is dedicated to the upset people especially, WHITE people (no disrespect) that really wanted Mitt Romney to win. It is called White People Mourning Romney.  Check it out you will be laughing

This picture is really disturbing to me however. It makes one thinks that Some Christians feel that Obama is the anti-Christ really? Doesn't the Bible say that God is control and that things happen for a reason? hmmmm

Ain't Nothing Wrong With Me

A few months ago, someone told me that they admired how I walk with confidence. I distinctly remember him saying "You walk like you're saying 'here I am, I am confident... I'm the sh...'" I must say, "I am the Ish!!!!."  It amazed me to see that someone else noticed my confidence despite the struggles I've had with my self-esteem over the years.
  I realize that I am wonderfully and fearfully made.  What gets me is that it seems for the last month, I've had certain groups of people tell me that I need to change my mannerisms and stuff and the fact that I'm fun, yet proper and prim, Black Male because they felt uncomfortable and felt that people will perceive me and them a certain way.  I find it funny, because I began to really see their insecurity in themselves.  I've learned that whenever people always hound you about yourself, then they are insecure with themselves.
   Due to the fact, that it is a job situation, I did have to…

Doesn't Gay Mean Happy?

I know this is going to be random, but I have a question. Doesn't the word "Gay" mean happy? A friend and I were talking about that word and how it is relevant in today's time.  The word "gay" is defined as keenly alive and exuberant : having or inducing high spirits, or bright and lively.  In today's society it is used to describe something that is lame, dumb, or stupid.  It is also used to describe those who are homosexual.
  During my friend's and I conversation we started talking about how word that we use mean one thing, but we use it in another way.  Like when we say "that girl is killing that song" it means that the young lady is singing that song very well.  Same way with the word "gay." Throughout the years the meaning has changed.  My friend told me that if someone ever asked if he was gay he would say "yes, I'm happy." I busted out laughing.  That made sense to me because my friend is happy, lively, and …

The Morning After

Well as you all  know, President Obama has won 4 more years in the Presidential seat. I am proud and I am happy.  I knew that he could pull it off. It was a stressful event, but in the end Victory was one for this country.  However, the morning after it seemed crazy. Here's a video about my experience at work and some other tidbits concerning the Bradley Show

God's Stimulus Package

I came across the following video a couple nights ago while surfing youtube. This is of Valley Kingdom Ministries under the leadership of Apostle H Daniel Wilson. This mother of three was blessed by God and Watch to see how God keeps adding to her. She had been faithful to God and in the things required of her from Him. Get into it

Karen Clark Sheard (Blessings) "For richer, For poorer"


Let Love In

Well, life has away of teaching you things.  This is the first time I'm actually talking about this, but here goes nothing.  Right now I am in the "getting to know you" stage with someone. This comes about 7 months to the day of the break up of my last relationship.  That relationship did not end well at all, but I'm over it.
  Well for the sake of privacy I'll change names. We'll call him John. John and I met last year around this time and we began to talk.  This was when I was #teamBlackBerry and was on BlackBerry Messenger. He and I would text and chat on the phone, but we lost touch. We would contact each other rarely.
  However, in the last couple months he and I have been really talking and I can see that there is an interest and a bond there.  We have some of the same interests in music, life, television, foods.  However John and I still have some differences in things concerning our background, upbringing, and view points on somethings. To me thats…

Is Sexuality Important?

Is Sexuality important?  Is who the person that you are sitting next sleeping with of great significance to you?  How does one's sexuality affect your life?
  These are some pretty simple questions right?  For some it is hard to answer these questions. Why is it that society place so much emphasis on sexual orientation?  So many people come out with gay rumors, or this person is bedding this person , or this person is a total whore.  Why does it matter?  I don't see how who another person is sleeping with or not sleeping with is relevant to my life, unless is my wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend (smile I'm speaking to everyone).  It really isn't relevant.
  It annoys me when people ask what one's preference is and decides to preach or accept them.  I remember some time ago being asked of what my preference is by a religious person and I burst into laughter. My first question was "why do you want to know" and my second question was "how is t…


YAY I'm so excited. OMG. Words cannot express how I feel right now.     President Barack Obama has won a 2nd term in office!!! My President is a man of COLOR!!!! This means so much to me because my ancestors, family members, parents, grandparents fought for this right to vote and I am able to say that by me exercising it, I helped elect a Black Man into the White House. Ain't God Good!!!! I'm even in tears as I write this entry. I am a Black Gay man and I have someone who's fighting for me in the seat. This night is so emotional.     It's amazing. Upon hearing the great news, I saw older citizens of Black and White races crying and celebrating.  As a Christian, it didn't matter who got in the seat, I know God is in control. Even if Mitt did win God is still in Control.   God is in control regardless, but that's another topic.  I'm excited.  THANK YOU, WE GOT YOUR BACK PRESIDENT B. OBAMA!!!!!

Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing

Don't Worry About it. All Shall Be Well


I voted today!!!! I am excited.  I'm also anxious.  Of Course you all know whom I support and hell no it ain't that punk Mittens.   I'm excited not because its a Black Man running, but the fact that I as a Black Gay man, I'm letting my voice be heard.  I'm kind of anxious about what's going to take place and who wins.  I pray that that old sand bag of a butthole, Romney doesn't win. 

It Ain't About You!!!!


Resting My Bones

Today has been a day of rest for me.  My weekend was very full and busy.  With ministry as well as the election, my mind has been all a buzz.  I love you all and I thank you all for showing me so much love to this blog. It really means a lot to me.  You all be blessed. I'm taking some rest tonight. I love you all,

Attractive Girth


Good Night

Well Guys and Gals,  You all have a great night, Smooches.

I Am Strong: Moving Next Year

"You are strong,"  I say to myself on a daily basis.  I realize that I am strong.  Even though the last few months, I've been dealing with my own private hell and dealing with some woes, I realize that I am stronger than I thought.  I've been literally singing the late Whitney Houston's "I Didn't Know My Own Strength."   What should've killed me and would've killed others, just simply made me strong.  I've been fighting depression not from me personally, but from a relative.  I've been fighting their negativity and a whole lot of other things. Granted they are helping me get back on my feet, but I'm tired of having to hear their constant nagging whenever I try to live my life.  It wouldn't be so bad if I had a car, but right now I'm down on my luck with no car, working a job that really doesn't afford me a lot of funding, but I am yet thankful for what I have. I am thankful, but what do you do when you really need a c…

I'm Not Entertaining Today

Today is a different day in my life.  I can't explain some of the changes that I have been going through, but it's all working for the good.  Many of you know the situation that I'm dealing with concerning my living arrangements.    I just got in from Church not too long ago and my dear old uncle is just nagging just because I decided to check my email and relax before another event for the day.  Here lately concerning him, I have not been entertaining him. I'm just gonna let him gripe and moan about nothing.     I do my part when it comes to keeping house and what not. What more does this fool want?  Really? I stopped caring a long time ago.  I'm just not entertaining punk bootiness today.


My bills are due and I'm flat broke. You try being a college student with no help from those who "have your back."
I have so much work to t urn in, duties to fulfill, and a load of engagements that require my presence. What do I do?
Everyone is coming to me for help. I can barely help myself. I am not the Messiah. I have problems of my own. Too many people are in my ear with useless advice that I didn't ask for. Somebody help me before I go psycho.
Somebody help me while I wait for my stimulus check. Thanks to Geroge W. we've all taken a hit in the pocket.
God Do you hear me? HELP ME! HELP ME!
I can't help myself. I'm mad and bitter. Haters are coming out of the woodworks. I'm striving but I can't make it by myself.
Help me, God. I look unto you, the Hill from which cometh my help. I know my Help comes from you.
I look around and see that my Help is already here. The problem isn't mine anymore. It is yours. …

Whitney Houston - I Got You

I really miss Whitney Houston.  Her passing has left such a scar on the music industry.  Just like any great artist, she left her mark on the world and touched so many lives by giving, loving, and sharing her gift.  Recently I have been playing her album "I Look to You."  One of my favorite tracks is the hit "I Got You." It goes to say "No matter where you are, you got me /Baby, near or far, you got me /Our love will never fade, you got me." 
  It lets us know that no matter where our special one is, whether here on earth, that love, that bond will never go anywhere. Love is a powerful thing.
  As I sit here and I write this, I realize that those we cherish may be physically gone, but they are right in our hearts.  They are still with us in spirit and in the experiences in life that we have shared with them.  That is a great blessing.
  Just remember "I Got You" and "You Got Me."