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Friends With Benefits

Many of you have heard of the Term "Friends with Benefits." The term means friends who engage in a sexual or flirty to casual dating who really can't be in a relationship for whatever. Some may call this a cut-buddy or a F#@& Buddy. In a Friends with Benefits relationship, there is more than likely sexy with no commitment.
  Well is it worth it to be friends with benefits?  I've been asking myself this question on today after being approached about it with a potential suitor.  The simple rule was monogamy however. No freaky deaky with anyone else.  In my mind I'm thinking "isn't that the same thing as being in a relationship."   I just see red flags with this all over the place.  The Potential Suitor also wants to keep in touch outside of wanting the physical part.  As far as I'm concerned, I can't go through with it. Why? Because it is a relationship without commitment basically.
  This is how I look at it. If you're getting my …


Santa Clause Go Straight to the Ghetto

What can we say about the late Dr. James Brown, the originator of Funk? He was an inspiration to us all.  Despite his troubles, this man made great music.  One of my favorite moments is when I saw Michael Jackson and James Brown on the BET Awards dancing together. That warmed my heart. Well Thanks to Author JL King, I dug out one of James Brown's funkiest Christmas tunes. "Santa, Go Straight to the Ghetto," is a red hot tune that will make you groove and dance. He's asking Santa to fill the kids stockings so they can love him so.  Check it out below.



Sweet Baby Jesus and a Gay Unicorn, it's Black Friday!!!!  NOPE I DID NOT GO SHOPPING!!!!
 I actually am not doing a lot of Christmas shopping this year.  Why? Because I really can't afford it this year.  With preparing for my move to the DMV next year and trying to get myself out of debt, I really haven't thought about Christmas shopping.
  Since it's Black Friday, I refuse to get myself out there with all the other crazy consumers and risk my life by having to beat hell fire and damnation out of someone for taking something out of my buggy or trying to trample me out of greed. So Guess what , It's Black Friday!!!!
 I'm out!!!!


HEY GUYS HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!! I'm gonna sit back with Sister Moscato and Relax with Family. Give thanks and Happy Turkey Day


It's that time again!!! The Bradley Show is back!!!!I am so excited to have it back up and running. Thank you all for a wonderful run so far.  In this video I reveal more plans for 2013 Check it out (Be sure to click the red underlined links. Check it out below.

Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole "Don't Burn Out"

What can we say aboutDr. Dorinda Clark Cole? This Jazzy Clark Sister and Dr. Mattie Moss Clark's Daughter is a lean mean preaching machine!!!!  She just happens to be one of my favorite singers, preachers, songwriters, producers, and fashion designers. Well recently I came across a powerful sermon that she preached at Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christunder the leadership of Bishop J. Drew Sheard. Dr. Cole simply tells us "Don't Burn Out!!!" Check it out Below.

Exes and Moving On!!!!


Monday Thoughts

Today has been quite a day.  I am thankful for the blessings that I have received and I am thankful for all that has taken place in my life.  Right now, I'm just kind of blah from the weekend.
  As I prepare for the thanksgiving holiday, I am cleaning up and just mentally preparing for my dysfunctional family.  I am not looking for drama, but just to be able to be around my family for this holiday.  This year has presented a lot of adversity.
  It is gonna be kind of bittersweet however.  The niece that planned this festivity at my house has been in the hospital for a surgery on her brain.  She is doing well, but I hate that she won't be amongst us. However, I will be making a special trip up to see her. That is my buddy.
  I Trust that all will be well.  Well I'm off to rest some and clean some more,

When My Words Are Few

  I know it seems as if I've been ghost for the last couple days.  I've just been super busy and trying to rest some.  This weekend has been great yet eventful. I just thank God that I'm a survior.  Yes I've survived.
  This is just a quick post to let you all know I'm still kicking. Love ya,