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Falling In Love

Falling in love can be scary.  Many of you know of an earlier post about me talking to someone, that I referred to as John. I took my besties advice and decided to Let Love In.  Well a couple weeks after that entry, we became distant. I tried to do my best, but I just moved on.  I've had many to come and make me feel or think they are the one, but I'm just patiently waiting.
  Falling in love can be scary at times.  Falling in love takes time and it takes effort.  Falling in love doesn't happen over night.  Call me mean and call me ugly, but I've never believed in love at first sight. How can you say you love someone and you just met them?
  That's something I've never understood that. I think as you get to know someone you will fall in love with them.  So many times we as human beings want to rush the love process, but intimate relationships take time to be built and take time to grow.  Falling in love is good, but if its in the wrong way it could be damagi…

World AIDS Day

There's A War Going On- Walter Hawkins Presents Lynette Hawkins

There's a War Going On. What are you fighting with?

Out On A Limb - Teena Marie (Cover)

Relationships Are Like Garage Sales

Hey There, I know that I said that I was taking a break from blogging, however that is hard thing to do right now.   I was on Facebook and someone posted a picture saying that "Relationships are like yard sales. You see stuff you want from afar, but then up close its a lot of shit that you don't want."   That is a true statement.   Have you ever found yourself saying you wanted to be with a person and you've gotten to know that person but only to find that it all isn't paradise?  It happens more than you think. Many times people will put on a front or charade as if they are one way ; nice, hard working, loving caring, but later on all hell breaks loose and you often wonder what happened.   You've entered into this relationship, under the pretense that the person was a dream come true however, as you settle to the "garage sale" up close you've realized that you've ran into self esteem issues, insecurities, and excess baggage that isn't y…

Taking a Break

Hey guys,
  I want to thank you all for your love and support of this blog.  Here lately, I have been cranking out a plethora of topics and posting some awesome videos.  It is fun and it is such a great release for me, however there comes a time when sometimes we get burnt out and need some rest.
  I really need it. I have so much going on with work and dealing with family, till I really have not me time. Not to mention, I haven't been sleeping well here lately.  This week I'm taking some time to get readjusted and to really focus on me.  I may chime in, but more than likely, I'll just rest.  If you need me email me at, I love ya,

A Day's Thoughts 11/25/2012

As I sit and write this blog, my mind goes to some plans for next year.  As many of you know, I'm a musician with a degree in music, but due to my environment I have let it just go to waste.  I've made a decision to go forth with my music career. Its gonna take some work, but I'm willing to do what I have to do.
  As I write this blog, so much is on my mind.  I could right about the fact that I'm single and I'm often times approached my married or attached men or the fact that I've been stood up twice here lately.  However, I really don't care to write about it.
 To be honest, sometimes I feel that I'm gonna forever be single.  I'm 26 and I have yet to have a relationship that lasts beyond 4 months to a year.  My last relationship didn't even make it two months, but that's a long story I'm kinda not wanting to tell.
 Right now, I feel a little burnt out, but I'm still determined to make it through this test and trial. I do believe…