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Where I've Been

Many of you have noticed that I've been a way much of this week.  Thank you all for your love and concern.  This week I've been busy working, churching, and actually resting some.  It has been much needed.  I have been feeling burnt out and stressed, but however, I am making it. I am determined to survive this week's challenges.    This week has really been a challenge concerning my body.  I've been fighting colds and crap.  I am healed in Jesus name!!! I refuse to be sick, however, I know when to get rest.  Just chiming in for you all, Musique I'm out on limb!!!



Just a Thought: Feed Your Faith


Back on the Road Again!!!

Hey Guys, as of this past Monday, I am back on the road again.  Many of you know that my car had broken down in September. However, I am glad to report, that I'm back on the road again.  I am so glad to have some sort of freedom back!!!  I doubt that I will be a road hog like I once was. I am glad that I did have some down time.
  Have you ever had a point in your life to where you were unable to move from a particular spot? You had to work from that particular area that you were in and it seemed that you had to depend on yourself.  Sometimes when we are in that life, we have to have faith in God to get us through. It may seem like all hell is breaking loose and it isn't getting better but we must have faith that it is getting better. That's how you get back on the road again. Love ya,

American Reunion: BLACK MAN!!!!

Enter With Peace


You've Just Begun

  " You've Only Just Begun."  Those were the words that were spoken to me a few days ago from a dear friend.  These words came after some news that I'd received, that should be gloom to me, but I believe the report of the Lord Jesus Christ.   With all of the plans that I have for my life, the news that I've gotten concerning my health should've and could've  gotten the best of me while it could but I have too much life to live to let one light affliction get me down.  I can't let that particular thing define me.  However, I do believe all shall be well.   As I've emerged in the last few years of me coming out, accepting the call, and other things, I have learned that not everyone is celebrating my beginning.  Some people are mad because I came out, I'm doing men, and I'm basically giving them a big "Screw you."   For too long I've lived for the people. Hell, it is MY TIME!!! I've found myself and I love what I see. I may …