Moving Out

   Hello Family,
  Many of you know that I a moving to the DMV in September (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!!!!). Well this past weekend, I've found myself moving out to a temporary place until I move to Maryland in September.  In a sense I was kind of forced to.
  A couple nights ago, dear old uncle and I got into a big fight over my sexuality and the fact that I am an entertainer at various night venues.  All I'm doing is putting on sequins and giving the kids life!!!
  Well, he started the religious bull crap calling me a spirit and saying that I'm going to hell for being who God has created me to be. He even threatened to call the police on me to make me remove my clothing that I use for BDe'Neice Productions.  However, I'm not worried, I've found a new place to stay.  I may have to fork out some money and budget, but I'm willing to do what the heck I have to do in order to survive.
 Please Keep me in your prayers as I make small transition before a bigger transition.


  1. I nominated you for a liebster award! For the rules and questions, go to My blog title Liebster?

  2. Best of luck and much love to you, Lil Buddy! It's a new adventure!

  3. Thank you all for your love and suport. Thank you for the nomination Marbie!!!!

  4. LOVE your uncle and yourself on a level beyond human comprehension!


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