Can't a Brotha Sleep

Hello Blogger Family,
  This week has been busy for me.  I had a couple rough days due to lack of sleep and I'm not a pleasant person when I haven't had enough sleep.
  For me sleep is very important to me.  Without sleep I can't function.  As a singer and speaker, a lack of sleep wreaks havoc on my voice.  Its like you can hear the sleeplessness and the irritability in my voice.
  I hate that sound.  That is why I love peace and quiet when it ia bedtime. I use to listen to music to help me drift off to sleep, but now a divo likes me needs quiet.  Disturb me and you will see the ugly part of me.
  Can't a brotha sleep?


  1. Sweet dreams, Lil Buddy! LOL! Sleep deprivation isn't good for any of us. Period!


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