Transitions Everywhere!!!!

  Transitions are happening all the way around for me.  First it started with me moving out of my uncle's house and now God has blessed me with a new job!!!  I'm so excited.  After months of looking and searching, applying, and revamping my resume an opportunity has come open for me.
  My previous job was a great place for me.  The crew there was like a big happy family.  Even in the process of me moving and dealing with my health concerns, they were right there for me. We worked together even though some customers and co-workers and I clashed, we still got a long and had a great time at work.  I'm excited for what my future holds.  I wonder what comes next?
  Well I do know now, that I'm finally able to do some much coveted interviews and my schedule is freed up for me to really expand this blog as I see fit and desire.  Before 2013 is out, Musique's Poetry is going to be even more fabulous!!!!
Love ya,


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