Single: A Year Later

  This past Thursday, April 5th marks a year of me being officially single.  I really didn't give it much thought, until I sat at my desk and looked at the clock seeing that the date was April 5th, 2013.  My mind went back to that night in which my now ex ,"Caramel," sent me a text saying "I've tried, but I can't do this anymore. Your personality is too much for me.  Its over between us. It was fun while it lasted." 
  I couldn't even respond at first.  I was hurt because I had put so much effort, not to mention I had given him myself in ways that I hadn't given to someone in a long time.  His reasoning for the break up was because I'm  "too gay and fem."   Imagine that. Not to mention he made it seem like I was a cheap carnival ride.
  My response was "Thanks. You could've been real and told me via the voice or in person.  Its good to know that you are a coward." and I moved on.
  Normally, thinking about a break up brings up bad memories and tension, but I was actually and I'm still in a good mood.  That break up taught me, that if someone can't accept me for me, then they are not worthy of me.  Granted I've been on some dates and ventured into some endeavors with some potential suitors, but either they are on that playing games side, and then some want me minus the femininity and my entertainer alter ego.  Its been a year since I've been single and I'm happy.  My life can't do anything but get better.
  Although I'm 27 and currently single, I'm not sweating it. I'm still young.  I have a music career and other things to focus on right now and I know in due time that I will have the mate that I desire.  I'm in the preparation stage of my life. I know what I want and what I don't want. Also I have God on my side. Things will work out fine.  I'm enjoying my freedom and getting me together.
  365 days of being single and I'm still here.  I haven't gone crazy and I'm not relationship hungry.  It would be nice, but hey good things come to those who wait.


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