The Price of Fame

  What is the price of fame?  That has been something that has been on my mind for the last couple of days.  Many of you know that I'm a singer and aspiring music artist.  I've often felt that since I do a lot of Spiritual music, that my sexuality and lifestyle would be a hindrance, however, I must keep some aspects of my life private.  
  The more I deal with wanting to become a world class musician, I realize that some aspects of my life will have to change and somethings I may not be able to do.  I realize that there is a price we must all pay for fame. Our business will be out there haphazardly and paparazzi as well as messy anus people will always have something to try and bring us down with. Especially when they are jealous.  
  The Price of Fame could be that you really have to live your life for the people which I really refuse to do. What to do?  I guess just continue to be watchful and mindful of my actions. No I don't have an album out yet. Yes I have some musical recognition, but a little gay boy like me dominating the industry? Who knows!!! I will succeed. I will be okay, but I refuse to sell out like so many other artists.  I wonder if that's the real price of fame. Losing one's self.


  1. I think that it takes alot to stand up for what you believe but the thing is that when you operate in your gift whether you want or not you will be tempted to do things that otherwise you may not want to do. Stay focused but yet ACTIVE....walking in your destiny requires action and remain prayful and you will be alright

  2. Lil Buddy, in my humble opinion, you have to be true to yourself, no matter what career you choose. To do otherwise, real happiness and satisfaction eludes you. However, it is your decision and I'll love and respect you no matter your choice. Much love!


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