Manless Mom Equals Gay Son?....WTF


    The picture above my piss you off. Some may agree with it and some may agree with it and others may no.  This picture above simply implies that if a male child is raised by a single mother that he will automatically be gay or not know how to be a man.
   I've heard this so many times.  As a gay man, it pisses me the hell off. I was raised by my mother and I had plenty of male figures in my life, but I'm gay.  I have cousins who were raised by single mothers and friends who were raised by single mothers who are straight as an arrow and turned out to be better men than there fathers.  Some of them are married and then some of them are not married and have kids everywhere, but they take care of there responsibility.  
  I've learned that it doesn't matter if you came from a broken home or a stable home you have a path to take and it is your choice as to whatever path you take.  
  The picture above depicts a single mother with her son.  Then it shows the son being a feminine, gay, butch queen and that he doesn't know how to be a man.  I guess it shows that some people think that gay men aren't real men. I beg to differ. 
  I'm a gay man and I am a real man!!! I work, I cook clean, and I teach other males: gay, straight, or questioning on how to be real men.  A man doesn't have to be some hypermasculine whore or someone who fits a certain traditional role. A real man is one who shows his true self. A MAN is one who isn't afraid to cry. A real man isn't afraid to be himself. 

You can learn a lot from a gay man!!!!