Your Vision is For You

Corey Baptiste

  What is a vision? Vision is often times described as prophetic or something that we anticipate.  We all have a vision.  Whatever vision that we have it is important to you.  Whenever one has a vision, they value it and it is something that they sleep, eat, live, and breathe.  
  The funny thing about the vision, it is for you.  When I say that your vision is for you, it is hand crafted and designed by God just for you. It isn't for you to be selfish, but to help others and inspire others to go for their vision, live their best life and to shoot farther than the stars.
  Your vision is for you to keep going when everyone else says that it impossible.  We must be careful who we tell our vision(s) too. Why? Because not everyone will value our vision.  Some will tear it down while others will try to manipulate it for their own good.  
  Your vision is for you.  Don't let anyone else take charge of it.  IT IS YOUR VISION.  Habakkuk teaches us that it may tarry for a moment, but it shall speak and shall not lie.  Your vision may take baby steps, but think of the great strides it will make in the future.


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