@EmoreJCouture Secretly, You're a B*tch Part 2

  Emore'J Couture gives me life.  He is wise and fashionably anointed!!!! Honey, Emore'J will also speak the truth to the kids today.  He's back with part 2 of Secretly, You're a B*tch . In this installment Emore'J goes in on the "Kweens." You know what a "Kween" is...one who puts it all out there in the wrong place and at the wrong time."Kweens" are the ones who put a bad taste in your mouth when they step out. They can also be known as ratchet. Emore'J gives the difference between femininity and being flamboyant as well as ignorant. Again, you may find that Secretly, You're a B*tch Part 2!!!. Get into the video below. 


  1. Be you and DO you, Lil Buddy! :) Much love and naked hugs!


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