How Dare You Be A Homosexual?

 Many of us were glued to the television set this past Tuesday night during the finale of Tyler Perry's "The Haves and Have Nots" as Jeffery finally comes out to his parents.  That scene was, in my opinion, one of the most powerful scenes in the whole episode.  Here you have a Black man who has been hiding his true colors for so long admit that he is Gay.
 However, it may seem a relief for Jeffery, Veronica, portrayed by Angela Robinson, isn't having it. She says "How Dare You Be a Homosexual! You are a man!" Jeffery declares, "I am a man! I am a gay man and you need to be okay with that!" Veronica makes it clear that she will never be okay with her son being gay.  She even goes so far as to say that God was punishing her because she had an abortion. After she married David Harrington, portrayed Peter Parros, she struggled to have children and had several miscarriages. Veronica still feels that God is punishing her because, although, Jeffery made it and she thought he was a healthy baby boy, he turned out to be a homosexual. However through out the whole scene, David tries to be the voice of reason, but it ends with Veronica leaving with Jeffery sobbing in his fathers arms.
  This scene was pivotal to me because it is often times rare that a father will embrace his son being gay.  I can actually relate to Jeffery. Believe it or not, my aunt that I call mom is still preaching to me about being gay, but my father accepts and celebrates me. This scene shows the importance of the father embracing his son regardless of sexual orientation or preference.  Most of the time in the media and entertainment industry, the mother is the one who nurtures the son to be himself.  However, not with The Haves and Have Nots Finale.  I give Tyler Perry props for this scene.
  One thing that Jeffery does state is that he is tired of denying himself to please everyone else.  This scene holds high regard because the Black Community needs to see that there are BLACK LGBT!!! We aren't going anywhere!!! It is sad to say that a lot of Black LGBT are shunned because in the Black Community religion teaches us to shun the LGBT Community.  I applaud Tyler Perry for showing a father's care when his son comes out instead of the overbearing, hateful father.
 This coming out scene shows that coming out as gay affects Mom and Dad differently.  This is a bold step for Tyler Perry in my opinion. I dare to say this may cause him to do some soul searching and really be bold about adding more gay characters to his plays and end the stereotype, but that's another story for another day.
  What are your thoughts about this episode? Check the scene out below.


  1. I loved how the father embraced his some and let him know he still his sone andd he love s him no mater what ..and as for the mother .hell i know what its like to deal with one like her .mines was way worse when i was pushed out of the closet in 86


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