I'm Perfect... I'm Just Not The One For You

  Why is it that whenever I choose to be single, all these busters and scrubs (TLC tea), with all of these hang ups approach me.  Over the weekend, this guy has been trying to get to know me, but the fact that I'm feminine and an entertainer is going to be an issue. I realize some guys can't handle that.
  Well he asked me what I did over the weekend of course I told him what I did.  I worked and I did a show as my alter ego. He quickly says "I don't want to hear anything about that. I'm not being mean, but I don't care for that."

  In the back of my mind I thought "then you really can't handle what comes with getting to know me and being with me."  I quickly scratched and discarded any potential of me even dating him.

  Maybe I go overboard, but I would rather be in a relationship with someone who accepts my total being. Granted we all have things that may drive people crazy or something that may be a character flaw, however me just being me and me living my life as a Black Gay Man in the scene should not have to change just because someone is interested.
  I've learned in the last few years and with the end of some relationships, that nothing is wrong with me. I'm perfect, but I'm not the one for those who have come and gone.  I guess once I stop looking, my Mr. Right will come along. Until Then, I'm going to enjoy my life.