Orphan Goes to Church Seeking Adoption: Is the Church Doing Enough?

Thanks to my girl, Lady Pixley, I read this article about an orphan, named Davion Navar Henry, who is 15 years old. He went to a church, St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church asking if anyone would adopt him. Davion went there wearing his only suit and armed with a Bible.
  Davion was born while his mother was in jail.  Unfortunately she is now deceased.  Davion has been a resident of Eckerd's Carlton Manor Residential Group Home.  However, I can imagine Davion walking into this sacred hospital seeking the help that God gives in hopes that a family would adopt him.
  This made me question is the Black Church doing enough for our youth?  I especially ask this question concerning the new Oxygen Series "Preachers of L.A." which I think is a hot mess.   We see churches popping up all over the place and preachers always scouting for members, but what about scouting for souls? We Black preachers gay bashing, especially the self hating ones, but are they helping and showing love as necessary.
  I'm not pissed, but as a man of the cloth myself, it's making me wonder if what a lot of my fellow co-laborers are doing is worthy of being called ministry.  Just like "Preachers of L.A.," I feel like modern day preachers are so concerned with the God awful prosperity Gospel and bedding as many men and women without getting caught.  Need I make reference to the Dietrick Haddon Scandal. Have the Black Church lost itself in money, power, and fame?
   What happened to outreach and reaching not just for members, but helping the homeless get a home, helping those youth who have been thrown out due to their love interest or just because of crazy parents? What happened to the love in the Black Church?  I'm tired of going into places of worship and a so called "Person of God" is bashing someone because they are gay, can't afford to tithe, or don't have the latest fashion trend.  The last time I checked, Jesus didn't do all of that. He showed love and acceptance for all.
  Some of you all can disagree, but I feel that in the case of Davion, the Black Church, especially can do more.  I know I'm doing all I can, but it takes us, the whole village to do the work.  It's not about who has the biggest building or having the largest congregation. Are we doing enough?
  As of the date of this article being published two couples have inquired about Davion, but as of yet no one has come forward.  For more information on Davion as well as other foster children in Pinellas and Pasco counties who are waiting for families, call Eckerd at (866) 233-0790. If you can't adopt but want to donate time or money, call Eckerd at (727) 456-0600.


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