R U Mobile?

  "R U Mobile?"
  That seems to be the prominent question on dating sites such as Jack'd, BGC, Grindr, and even Facebook.  There are times when guys find themselves interested in you and they want to meet.  The first question is normally "What's your name." or "How old are you." Then want to ask if you drive or "R U mobile." Most times guys either don't have a car, or even a license. I'm sure many of you have ahd this happen to you and you are like "Jesus, why do the creeps and low lives attach themselves to me." Here's my story.
  A couple nights ago I was on a well known LGBT Social Networking Site and I had gotten hit up by two individuals. One was an older gentleman and the other was a guy around my age. We began chatting and disclosed age, likes, dislikes, and hobbies.  On into the conversations they advised that they want to meet for a possible date. 
 The Older Gentleman seemed very interested. He was light skin with gray hair in his beared and wore glasses, according to his picture.  However, I was willing to meet for dinner, but not for anything else.  The Guy Around My Age was brown skin with a lower hair cut. He was little taller from his picture as well. The catch was that they both had to send me pictures via the app.  To me that was a RED FLAG!!!
  I had to make a choice between older and younger. So I peeped further to see what the game or catch was even the more.  I began asking about where they are located. One stated that he was near Spartanburg at a gas station.  The Older Guy asked "R U Mobile," because had given out of gas at the gas station. I said to myself "Hmmm. He's trying to get money,"  so I did not respond back right away. 
  However, the younger guy told me he was located in Greenwood and that he was willing to meet me at a public spot.  It sounded too good to be true.  He then asked "R U Mobile?"  I did not respond back right away.  As I found myself at home preparing for my weekend trip to DC, my phone sounded off that I had a message.  The Older Gentleman stated "I guess that's a no." I quickly replied "You are right."  In which he probably blocked me on the site after that.
  The younger guy began messaging me telling me that he really wanted to meet and that he was interested. However, I really didn't feel like it, so I asked "R U Mobile?" He said yes, and I asked was I ready. I replied "I can't tonight."
  That was the end of both conversations.  I guess although I was mobile neither one of them were worth my time,


  1. Lil Buddy, sad but true, welcome to the world of online dating. However, remember, some men have ALWAYS lied, all throughout history! Stay positive and stay focused! Love you, man! Thanks for this post!


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