Seasons Change

  One thing that is constant in life is change.  People change, Time change, and seasons change. Seasons have no choice but to change. Seasons are transitions or different periods in which we live, rest, blossom, and die to certain things.
  This morning as I prepared to go to work, I began to think about the various seasons of my life and the different things I've experienced in each season.  I began to think about the friendships that have come and gone. Relationships that have blossomed and then died. I also began to think of loved ones gone on. I even began to reminisce on past glories. 
  Each friendship, relationship, and life had a purpose and a meaning.  In Ecclesiastes we are taught that everything has a season and a reason for being and happening.  The friendships and relationships that came and are now gone were here to teach me something and build character.  They were created by God to open my eyes and experience different types of people and how to handle various situations that life may hand us. 
  Each person that has come and left on that glory train was sent to teach me how and how not to live.  It's all apart of God's plan.  Since each event has a season, which means it has a set time to be apart of my life, I've learned not to get upset when a season ends.  Although the transition may not be comfortable, I am thankful because it caused me to reach for better and to go higher than the stars. 
  Even with life long friendships and relationships seasons change.  "Why," you may ask.  People change. We all grow and mature. We learn more about ourselves and our existence everyday. If you don't grow or learn something new then that means you're becoming stagnant in a particular season and you have gotten comfortable. 
  Each season is meant for you to grow, not stay in park!!!!
 Seasons Change and so should you!!!

♫Musique's Poetry♫


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