Sunday Thoughts 10/6/2013

  When I look back over my life, I see so many blessings and things that God has gifted me with. I am happy to be along this far in life.  I've started this blog, accomplished things in the religious world, music, and I'm not done yet.  I know that so many things are about to happen in my life.
  I love the fact that God looks out for his own. I am thankful that He's never let me fall by the way side.  Just thinking about my adventure to DC to support a friend and the opportunities that lie in me moving from one place to another astounds me.
  However, I will miss my home, my family, and my friends, I've got to complete this move for me. I even have bigger plans for this blog. I'm not gonna reveal those plans just yet. However, I do see big things happening outside of this blog.  I've learned that you've got to see the things you want before they come.  In your seeing those things, you begin to work towards those things and you will see them appear.
  Just know that it will take hard work.  Never feel that it will come easy.  It takes work to accomplish your dreams.
  Here lately, I've been working on some music.  I still have plans to be a happily eccentric singer, drawing people to Christ as well as to other people. Despite what traditional religiosity has taught us, God loves us no matter what. Why would He hate what He created? Anyway. I know God will make my name great. With Grammy awards, Tony Awards, and other accolades or without them, I shall touch lives and prosper at what I do.  I'm gonna live my dream.
Love ya,


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