A New Beginning

It is November 1st. The beginning of a new month.  The fall season is here and things are changing.  Holiday season is also approaching. In a couple more months, we will be beginng a new year. 
  I'm just chiming in. On March 22nd, I will have a new beginning as I relocate to DMV, More than likely NW Washington DC. I am excited because people have tried and are attempting to stop me from going forth, but I refuse to let them do it. I'm on a mission that I must accomplish.
  The new beginning has already started. Also Please don't forget about Destination DMV. Here is the link: http://www.gofundme.com/DestinationDMV.  This is an online campaign to help me raise money for the move. Things are a bit tight. I pray that all goes well with the move.
  Also thanks for the love and support that you've given me,


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