Bags Packed

  I want to thank you all for the views, comments, tweets, shares, and love for this blog. I remember when I started taking blogging seriously. My fellow blogger and cuzzo, Luckey of the Luckey Star, inspired me to keep on blogging and really taught me how to stay on top of my game and the constant encouragement to stay on my A game.
  As I celebrate victory with this blog I can't help, but say that for this new season of life, I have my bags packed.  I'm ready for the new things and new people that God has in store for me. As I prepare for new journeys, I feel maturation and a new perception coming forth.  Even people that I thought were with me, I realize they are liabilities and can stand to hold me back from going forth with my life.  I'm so ready for the completion of Destination DMV. The campaign is still open and ready to receive.  
  As I approach this new season job opportunities are pouring forth. Right now I'm in the waiting period. I'm learning that patience is a virtue. While I'm waiting, I'm trusting God for a miracle. I expect a miracle to come through for me. Again I want to thank you all for what you've help me to accomplish with this blog.
  I've got my bags packed and I'm stepping out on faith. I can't stay in South Carolina too much longer. I have goals to achieve and I have people to meet.