I Stand Out and It's Cool

One thing that I've noticed in my surroundings, be it work, home, family gatherings, or church, is that I stand out.  I stick out like a sore thumb. Even out in public people stare at me and look at me because I'm different. Especially in the south, a Black Man wearing his head wrapped, wearing skinny jeans, a fitted tea, feminine is still a sight even though its 2013.  I must admit, I am eccentric and I love it.
  Also one thing that makes me eccentric is that, I break the norm. I don't fall into the stereotype or traditional roles of a Black man in the South.  I remember a few years ago during a visit home for 4th of July, I had naired my legs, arched my eyebrows, styled my hair curly for the Gods, and wore my nice pink polo with my favorite pair of blue jean shorts, which they've seen me where before.  My dearest uncle leaned over to me and asked me "are you wearing make up? and where is the hair on your legs?" I ignored him and continued in the conversation that I was participating in with one of my Aunts.
  Later on that evening, my uncle asked me what was going on with me. "You're not acting like all the other men in this family. You're arching your eyebrows and shaving the hair off your body. Men don't do that."
 My rebuttal was "I do and so does plenty other men, gay or straight. Get over it. I'm doing me." Apparently my uncle dearest had an issue and he stated "well you don't now how that makes you look."
"Yes I know how it makes me look: different."
And I was done with the conversation. So what I don't fit the typical gender role given to a man at birth. I'm totally okay with that. 
 Even at work I notice that I stand out. Most of the time I go to lunch alone and sit out in my car and eat my lunch, of course depending on the weather, and catch up on my reading while everyone in their clique gather for lunch.  I dress different. I keep it professional, but with a style only I can give.  It's obvious that I'm different and unique but I'm okay with that.
  All of my life I've been treated as an outcast, be it because I was the quiet one, the nerdy one, or the one who was always in church, the drag queen, or the openly Gay guy of the group. Even within the LGBT Status Quo, I stand out because I'm Christian and I'm feminine. It seems a paradox, but its cool. Not to mention me being HIV positive is one reason why dating seems, not difficult, but different. I've met some amazing guys that didn't care about my status, but they had other issues that kept me and them from going further.
  Whenever I go out amongst people of Color I notice that I stand out because I talk proper and I'm a bit eccentric.  You'll see me dressed with my head wrapped in a scarf with big jewelry on and having some abstract necklace on, but what can I say its me.  I stand out and I stand alone.
  I guess you can say I'm a maverick of sorts.
I stand out and it's cool. Everyone should stand out instead of blending. Maybe the world would be a better place.