Love From Within

  As I sit and write this post.  My mind goes to the struggles that I've had in life and the time in which I lived to please other people.  It was a damaging event that lasted almost 25 years, but as I've grown since my coming out in 2010, I've grown so much.
  As I've grown, I've stopped looking for validation in other people. I've learned to find the love from within. That love that tells me I'm wonderfully and fearfully made. This past weekend as I went to a birthday party and also went out with friends, I saw that I stand out, which is cool, but it didn't bother me as it has in the past. I actually like the fact that I'm not in certain circles.
  I noticed that my train of thought is much different than others in my age group. I have goals that I want to achieve. Granted, we all have room for improvement and that we are daily maturing.
 I encourage you to look in the mirror and tell yourself "I LOVE YOU!!!"  This is one of my many mantras in life. I love me because God loves me.


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