When My Words are Few and the Future

  I hate moments like this.  I'm few on words. I hate not being able to verbalize my feelings and not being able to function on this blog. You all know that this blog is my baby.
  I think I just need some time to rest and relax. As much as I'm fighting it, I'm trying not to take a blogcation.  Sometimes we just need to regroup. However, what is on my mind is my future.
 With this impending move, I'm excited, but it is kind of bittersweet.  I'm leaving familiar territory and heading to an unfamiliar place and a new horizon. This new horizon includes maturity, faith, and a new outlook on life. Sometimes we have to go to a different place in order to really live. I intend to live. I intend on achieving dreams and making big waves in DC. Well I'm done with this entry.
Love ya,


  1. I know this is a time of apprehension, anticipation and excitement for you, Lil Buddy! Be strong and keep your focus on the future. The past will be with you in your memories. Trust your heart! Much love and naked hugs! :)


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