I Sat Alone (Repost)

I Sat Alone in the diner drinking my coffee.
I ate my bagel and twilttled with my phone.
I chose our booth in the far corner,
with the view to the road.
I sat alone noticing the fancy cars
and the care free people.
"That's the life I long for," I thought to myself.
As I sat alone I ate the rest of my bagel
and watched local cable.
I sat alone and my coffee got cold.
I was anticipating the upcoming flight
that you and I were going to take.
I sat alone and I waited.
I waited and waited.
An hour later, I still sat alone,
Thinking about our plans and the promises of the night before.
I sat alone waiting on a love that was a no show,
A change that never came.
I sat alone a little bit longer, then...
I left and left you to sit alone as you left me.
Don't forget,
I sat alone...


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