Musique Versus Religion

  When it comes to me being a Christian and being Gay, I choose to be more spiritual than religious. Religious means that one chooses to go through the motions of whatever their belief without any real attachment while spiritual means you are one with whatever God you choose to serve. Be it Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, or whomever, you are one with Him.
  As I've sat around family for a few days, I've learned and seen why I left the church for a while. So many people love to throw around Scriptures and religious texts, but they do the exact same things that those religious texts tell mankind NOT to do ie judging, hating, stealing, lying, adultery, etc. It's funny that even our government use the Holy Bible as tools to make judgments on who is allowed to marry, who shall pay higher taxes, and who can adopt children let alone vote.
  Personally I choose a more spiritual approach without having to justify my ignorance (which I am not) with words that I do not know how to use correctly. So many people are religious and use religion as an escape route to justify their actions and to justify why they are they way they are or why the way the world is. Granted, some things in some religious doctrines are important to pay attention to, while you can simply ignore those who always throw around religion, but they can't even show love to their fellow man or even help those less fortunate than them.
  Just this week, I cleared my social media of religious bigots that love quoting scripture, but as soon as they find out that someone is Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, or may have made a mistake, then they disregard them as scum of the earth.  I'd rather have a spiritual connection and be unique and meet my maker than be religious and die and end up in eternal damnation.  I have no qualms with other religious although I am #TEAMJESUS.
  Its taken a while, but as I sit back and observe, I see why some people do not fool with religion.


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