Rich Auburn (My HIV Story Continued)

  On Thursday November 29, 2012, I dyed my hair rich auburn. Auburn to me is a reddish, brownish color. It is actually a tad bit lighter than my natural hair color, which is a dark brown color.  Well as you know November 29, 2012 was the day that I found that I was HIV Positive.
  Instead of being depressed I went home and pulled out the hair dye that had been staring me in the face. So set the timer on my phone, opened the hair dye box, and I proceeded to apply the hair coloring.
  At the time, I was living with my dearest uncle. He asked me "Why Did You Dye Your Hair." I replied "I wanted a different look."
   It was different look that I kept until August 2013. I chopped my hair for my sisters wedding and preparation to meet my birth mom. Well a year later to date on Friday, November 29, 2013, I dyed, my hair again.  To me this color symbolizes my strength and me embracing what some may deem a fatal sentence, into a new beginning of life for me. Although It's been a year since my HIV diagnosis, I am still standing strong and I'm still here. Like Pastor Kim Burrell says "Don't Count Me Out!"
   Live, Love, and Be Free,


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