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@LexiTV HIV Awareness

Hello Everyone!!! You all know my girl, Lexi. She is a Phenomenal singer and a comedienne.  Recently she did an interview withFelix and Paula Sirls. The Sirls are HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention activists and counselors. They themselves are HIV positive. This has touched me greatly because it hits home.    In this interview, Lexi deals with the Black Church, The stigma with the Church and HIV, the Black Community and HIV, and the church's fear of teaching about HIV/AIDS.  Remember, God loves everyone. This interview may not be for you.  Get into below!!!!
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Put Up Your Feet

Well its the weekend. We have made it to Friday.  This week has had its challenges and now we can sit back and relax. Love ya,

My Birthday Weekend

I would like to thank you all for the love and Birthday wishes.  It is greatly appreciated and I love you all.
  This past Friday, March 15th was my birthday.  It was an awesome weekend. I caught up with old friends and made new acquaintances and I was able to be in the house of God. There was no better way to spend it.  After a fun filled weekend, back to work I had to go.
  I'm just thankful that this weekend I was able to be around some good wholesome people.  I really wasn't planning a lot for my birthday weekend, but I'm glad that I was able to church it out and eat all the food I could stand!!!! LOL Sometimes it takes people around you making you celebrate.
  I was adamant about not celebrating my birthday because I really didn't want to be bothered with all the herald  but I'm glad that it did happen.  Sometimes you gotta celebrate inspite of whats going on in your life. Well that's all folks,