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Its Wednesday... READY FOR THE WEEKEND!!!!

After a long hard day at work, It is good to be home and able to relax. No noise, no nagging people, no phones, ringing, just silence.  How I value SILENCE!!!!
  The last few days have been a bit trying and I've experienced a few sleepless nights that have been filled with prayer.  Thank God for the silence. I'm just glad that that the weekend is steadily approaching. I am happy.    This weekend is also the time we celebrate the Passover as well as Christ's Resurrection.  I know this weekend will be busy, but Hey I will be relaxing at the same time.  It's the middle of the week and I aim to finish researching somethings for the music industry as well as somethings that I plan to do for future ventures.
See ya,

Kim Burrell - Oh Lord