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@NoShadeSeries: Penetration and Sin

Get into one of the best web series to hit Youtube!  It is called "No Shade."  It is presented by Blunted Muse Productionsand created by Sean AnthonyThe series is LGBT themed and gives you life, DARLING!!!!   In the fourth installment "Penetration and Sin,"Noel faces off with Pastor Melvin concerning homosexualty, while Danielle gets a visit at work.  Kori and Eric are hanging out when an old friend and Kori cross paths. Girl, you betta hold on because "No Shade" is snatchin' wigs. Get into "Penetration and Sin," below.

My Milkshake is Better Than Yours


He Shall Do a New Thing

New things have been happening. For starters, I've gotten a new car.  I had to put my old Toyota down.  I ended up getting a new car.  I had to step out on faith.  God says that He will do new things if and when we trust Him.  Through all of the things I've been through and even with the tests of my life right now, God has been proving himself to me.  He's never left me nor has he left kicked me to the curb.  Granted I've been through some tests and trials in recent weeks, but I'm finding myself happy. God is doing an awesome work and I thank Him.
  Over the last couple weeks, I've found myself planning for my future.  I've had to leave some people behind and I had to just to be honest with myself and see that my life is changing and so am I.  Some of my friendships and close knit relationships have changed.  I've come to the point that some ties must be severed.  I've got to move on to my future.  With me moving to the DMV later this year,  I…