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You Brought the Sunshine - The Clark Sisters


The Down Low Badge of Honor

Many of you know what the term "Down Low" means.  Some of us remember when R. Kelly sang about "keep it on the down low," in regards to sleeping with Mr. Biggs' (Ron Isley's Lady).  However, in later years author J. L. King, wrote about men "On the Down Low," later creating a phenomena that has become a negative connotation in society today.
   A man that is described as being on the down low is portrayed as being a man who is Gay or Bisexual and denies his sexuality. This man could be married or sleeps with women to cover up the fact that he enjoys sex with men. The man on the Down Low could also have many women, but also have many men on the side. Some of his hang ups could be the stupid "no fats, no fems" policy as well as "I don't bottom."
  As I reminisce over my days of being on BGC, A4A, and things of that nature I always ran across those adds with "top only," "no queens," and "no bitch s…

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