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Gay Marriage: How Is It Affecting You?

With the recent victory over DOMA alot of religious people are saying that this puts the country in Hell's path.  Many pastors, especially Christians are still waging war on the LGBTQ Community and its allies.  My question to those who hate everything Gay is why should I be denied the right to marry who I love? How  is my love and sex life affecting you? If you are not gay, then you shouldn't be worried about who I am sleeping with. Stop throwing religion and your ignorance at me.  It seems that those who want to deny rights are just wanting to hear themselves talk. What about your right to marry? I didn't vote on your right to be straight and married.  Apparently your heterosexuality doesn't bother me and my Gayness obviously isn't affecting you. Could it be that you are secretly gay? How is Gay marriage affecting you?  It isn't.  You say Gay marriage is disrespectful, but what about polygamy and adultery. That is disrespectful to marriage not homosexuality. …