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@theTamarDavis and Prince "Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed"

 Tamar Davis is one singing diva.  You may have been charged by her performances in Tyler Perry's "Madea's Big Happy Family,""Laugh to Keep From Crying," and "The Marriage Counselor."  Her vocals will certainly touch your soul. This Grammy-nominated songbird, has shared musical experience with artists such as Prince, Tamia, Chandra Currelley, and Cheryl Pepsii-Riley to name a few.   Recently, she and Prince wrote and produced the duet, "Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed." This inspirational work, encourages you that when you're free you're free indeed, All you got to do is plant the seed.  We are God's creation and we are indeed "Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed." That should be our confess.  Get into the hit below.

@AnthonyClarkWil #Quench ft @A1Bold

Well I must say...Thank GOD FOR SOME AWESOME MUSIC. You know him as Tonex and B. Slade. Well He's BAAACK!!!! Anthony Clark Williams has hit the scene with #Quench.  This track will cause you to feel a rhythmic vibe as Anthony Clark Williams and A1 Bold demands you to stop quenching the spirit.  This moving track will cause you to move with the spirit and give into it as you stop quenching the spirit. Get into #Quench Below.

How Dare You Be A Homosexual?

Many of us were glued to the television set this past Tuesday night during the finale of Tyler Perry's "The Haves and Have Nots" as Jeffery finally comes out to his parents.  That scene was, in my opinion, one of the most powerful scenes in the whole episode.  Here you have a Black man who has been hiding his true colors for so long admit that he is Gay.
 However, it may seem a relief for Jeffery, Veronica, portrayed by Angela Robinson, isn't having it. She says "How Dare You Be a Homosexual! You are a man!" Jeffery declares, "I am a man! I am a gay man and you need to be okay with that!" Veronica makes it clear that she will never be okay with her son being gay.  She even goes so far as to say that God was punishing her because she had an abortion. After she married David Harrington, portrayed Peter Parros, she struggled to have children and had several miscarriages. Veronica still feels that God is punishing her because, although, Jeffery mad…

Happy Birthday @Beyonce

Musique's Poetry extends love and Birthday Wishes To Beyonce!!!!

Thought of the Day: Secret Lovers

If a person can only love you in secret, then that love is counterfeit.

It Must End

The start of my day has been marred by news of the death of a young man.  It stung my heart to hear that he had been gunned down by a stray bullet. My heart is heavy.
  I watched this young man grow up with a promising future only to be snatched away by a trigger happy coward.
When will the madness end ? A gun doesn't make you a man. That drug hustle doesn't make you a man. A real man works honestly and legitimately for his keep.
  I'm tired of hearing of my young Black brothers being killed in the hustle of street life.  Gun violence within the Black community must end.  Too many lives have been lost. Too many young lives imprisoned. When will the madness end?