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Time With Dad

Many of you all know that me and my dad had a slight falling out during the Christmas Holiday 2012.  It was over something that he thought he heard me say to one of my dear aunts.  However, months later we reconciled as well as I told him my current status with HIV.  My dad even was made aware of the long awaited meeting with my biological mother this past August.   Over the last couple months, my dad and I have actually been spending quality time together.  My dad is approaching 50 and I'm approaching 30. There is no use in us wasting years and time over a silly misunderstanding.  I am grateful that my dad and I have reconciled.  My dad and I will often meet at his house where he cooks (sometimes going overboard with the food, knowing I love to eat) and we watch tv and talk even crack jokes. My dad has even sat down to understand my lifestyle and me being the "Same Gender Loving" son.   It has been a process, but my dad is embracing me with open arms and for that I am t…

Jesus, I Need A Man


I Just Got Lucky


The Eccentric One Is Back!!!!

Hey Y'all,
  I'm back.  I've been a way trying to study for an exam, that has been pushed back. I am so glad. More time to study for me.
  Not much has been happening in my life, just the everyday hustle and bustle, however I am working on some music. Right now I have a goal in mind.
  I would like to at least have some sort of mixtape or something out before the end of 2014. That type of thing takes time and money, but I'm gonna work it out. Well that's all for now,