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Honorable Mentions for GoFundMe to G. Carlos

Hello Everyone,   I want to give honorable mentions to Mr. G. Henderson for his contribution to the Destination DMV campaign. Thank you for your support of The Bradley Show and Musique's Poetry. It is greatly appreciated and I am thankful. Thanks again and cannot wait to join you in the DMV, Love ya, Musique
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Trying Not to Stress

Many of you know that I am moving to Washington D.C. by March, 2014.  In recent months, I've made a lot of transitions and I'm staying busy.  However, I'm trying my best not to stress about anything, but it is difficult sometimes.
  I've been applying for jobs in the DMV area as well as eyeing different places to live and talking with various connections.  I have so much that I want to do yet so little time. I'm afraid that I don't take enough time for me.
  All I do is work, work, work, and I don't really take time to really enjoy anything or take a vacation.  One reason for me working so dang hard is that I'm wanting my finances to be in a certain place so I will be able to travel more, have nice things, as well as finish paying off these God awful student loans. A Good friend of mine Mr. PiMusiquegot me to thinking after a much needed conversation.
  I think right now I am trying to do too much at one time instead of taking it one step at a time.…

Davion Gets a Family

Remember an earlier post about Davion Navar Henry? I have good news. Thanks to my girl, Lady Pixley, I have an update. Davion, after making an appearance on ABC's "The View," will be getting a family after all.
   Recently Davion went to a local church in St. Petersburg , Florida pleading that someone would adopt him.  In the television appearance, Davion thanked those foster homes that took care of him as well as apologized for "being a butthead"  to some of them when he was younger.
For information concerning Davion Only, go online to or call 1-866-233-0790. Please also don't forget about others who are in need of families.

Seasons Change

One thing that is constant in life is change.  People change, Time change, and seasons change. Seasons have no choice but to change. Seasons are transitions or different periods in which we live, rest, blossom, and die to certain things.   This morning as I prepared to go to work, I began to think about the various seasons of my life and the different things I've experienced in each season.  I began to think about the friendships that have come and gone. Relationships that have blossomed and then died. I also began to think of loved ones gone on. I even began to reminisce on past glories.    Each friendship, relationship, and life had a purpose and a meaning.  In Ecclesiastes we are taught that everything has a season and a reason for being and happening.  The friendships and relationships that came and are now gone were here to teach me something and build character.  They were created by God to open my eyes and experience different types of people and how to handle various situ…

Hump Day Rambling and Destination DMV

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!    I pray that this mid week work day has been blessed for you all. So far so good...I'm not in jail and I haven't went crazy...yet. I am anticipating the new episode of "American Horror Story" on FX.  I must say Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, and the rest of the cast are giving me LIFE!!!! HONEY!!!!   I wonder what new capers they are going to get into on tonight. A little bit of a recap, the girls bought dead athelete, Kyle back to life and the police were hot on there case, that is until Headmistress cleared their memory with here Witchcraft. Also there was baby talk and fertility discuss. No, I'm not going to tell you everything that went on with the television show, but I am gonna say IT IS A MUST SEE TELEVISION EVENT!!!   Angela Bassett is killing the role of Marie Laveau.  Angela Bassett is the Queen in this season of "American Horror Story."   In other news, I have been filling out job applications concer…

Overcast Tuesday

Today is Tuesday. The weather is cloudy with a 50 % chance of rain. Darkness is all around. However, my spirit is beaming. The sunshine in my heart is illuminating the way. Singing in my heart is "The Joy of the Lord is My Strength." I can't be sad. These Thoughts on an Overcast Tuesday

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Gay Bashed in the Queen City

Gay bashing is a touchy subject and is a plague within the LGBT Community.  Many of us have stories to tell about being gay bashed. I have stories too. Many of us have been bashed by family with words, physically with violence, and even by the church.
  Well on Sunday evening during an outing with friends I was actually verbally bashed. My friends (and I'm changing names to protect identity) were heading out to celebrate my brother, Cal's birthday that is this week, and we decided to get all done up and gussied up and go out to have fun at one of our favorite spots.  While Cal and my friend, Troy, were dressed in urban wear and the latest fashion, I decided to go as what we term in the LGBT, Ballroom scene, Butch Queen.  Butch Queen means that a dude does not does full drag however, wears female apparel which may include heels, a nice feminine shirt, and the proper accessories.
  Many of you are familiar with this term from the hit documentary "Paris is Burning,"