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A LONG Weekend and Upcoming Changes

Well as you are reading this post, I am on the road traveling to Washington DC for the weekend. I'm going to visit some friends and some potential roommates in preparation for my move to DC.
  I actually love it when I'm able to travel. It gives me such a great release and allows me to just get away from home for awhile.  I'm gonna have some posts ready and available for you all.
  Also get ready.  2014 will bring some major changes for Musique's Poetry. I'm going to change the over all look of the website.  Expect some changes sometime around New Year's Day.  I will still be posting some fabulous posts for you all.

It's Winter Time

It's Winter Time.  Cuddle Up With Your Boo and Enjoy!!!

Me and the Christmas Spirit

Well In 6 days it will be Christmas and I have yet to be in the Christmas spirit.  I haven't been in a Scrooge of a mood, but I haven't been feeling the usual Christmas spirit.  Don't get me wrong I've been playing Christmas music, but I'm not in the normal happy go lucky, let's go caroling mood.
  It could be that at this time, I'm currently working right around the holidays and the fact that I haven't been able to go shopping as I've desired.
  Christmas isn't always about gifts and shopping but about the Birth of Jesus Christ and how he came to the world. Christmas is also about sharing love with your family and your friends and giving love and not just something tangible.
  I guess its just one of those things that as it nears, I'll be more prepared for it.  The bright side of my Christmas will be spending it with family and getting some much needed rest.
 Happy Holidays,

From The Bradley Show: Cheaters with Quality Mates

Many of you know that I have another component of this blog entitled "The Bradley Show." That is my vlog. I also want to thank you all for visiting this blog and showing love to Destination DMV.
  In a recent video, I deal with quality men and women who have mates that constantly cheat on them.  Why would you have a good mate but cheat on them?  Get into the video below. Follow me on Twitter: @BradleyShow and Instagram: @BradleyShow. Love ya,

Poetic Like Me @Poetic_Old_Soul

I'm Blessed and Highly Favored. I want to say thanks to my YouTube partner in crime and Sister Tiffany better known as Poetic Old Soul. Not only has she encouraged me and caused me to return back to Youtube, but she has been a blessing for me concerning Project Destination DMV
  Also pick up a copy of her book of poetry entitled Poetic Like Me. It will greatly enrich your life. Be Sure to check her out on youtube. Sister is Raw and Real not to mention she is skilled at making the most awesome bracelets!!! You will not be disappointed.  Love ya,

Thought of the Day

Its okay to rest.

Musique Versus Religion

When it comes to me being a Christian and being Gay, I choose to be more spiritual than religious. Religious means that one chooses to go through the motions of whatever their belief without any real attachment while spiritual means you are one with whatever God you choose to serve. Be it Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, or whomever, you are one with Him.
  As I've sat around family for a few days, I've learned and seen why I left the church for a while. So many people love to throw around Scriptures and religious texts, but they do the exact same things that those religious texts tell mankind NOT to do ie judging, hating, stealing, lying, adultery, etc. It's funny that even our government use the Holy Bible as tools to make judgments on who is allowed to marry, who shall pay higher taxes, and who can adopt children let alone vote.
  Personally I choose a more spiritual approach without having to justify my ignorance (which I am not) with words that I do not know how to use corre…