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Dorinda Clark Cole- Yesterday

Live, Love, Being Free

Many of you have heard me use the term "live, love and be free" on the Bradley Show. When I say that I mean that from the heart.
  Well many have asked me the meaning of the phrase.  Live means not only to exist, but to take chances and do what makes you happy. Love means to show compassion and love your life, yourself, and give love to others. There is no need to walk around having hate and holding grudges.  When you do these things, you are able to be free. You are liberated because you've chosen to live, love, and in turn, be free.
Live, Love, and Be Free,
Musique aka Bradley

Happy Birthday, Jesus

Happy Birthday, Jesus.  So many years, you arrived to save us. You came in a humble affair. Your love you openly share, to those whose burdens you bear. Glory to you, oh King. Good news you bring. Love, Peace, and Hope. Happy Birthday, Jesus. I love you!!!

Twas the Night Before Christmas

It is Christmas EVE 2013!!!  Wow this year has gone by fast!
  I remember as a kid my mom reading to us "The Night Before Christmas," and us reciting Christmas poems at church commemorating the birth of Christ. Oh What Memories.
  One of my favorite memories is when my aunt and uncle that raised me, brought me a trampoline for Christmas.  It is one of my fondest memories because it was my last Christmas with that uncle before he went on to be with the ancestors. I was 9 years old that year.
  During the course of the next day or so, my uncle and cousin assembled the trampoline and we all ended up jumping on the trampoline.  I am thankful for life and that I've made it to see Christmas Eve 2013. I can't wait till Christmas to see my family and eat some good food made by Grandma Musique.
  Merry Christmas,

Do You Believe in Miracles?

First off I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and an Awesome New Year.  Many of you all are familiar with the reason that most Christians celebrate Christmas: Jesus's Birth. Many of you know that it was an immaculate conception between Mary and the Holy Ghost ie not physical contact with a man.  This was considered a Christmas miracle.   Flip to Jesus growing older and healing leprosy, issues of blood, as well as blindness, raising the dead and other miracles.  It seems that would be His signature. With all of this in mind, I pose a question to you. Do you believe in miracles?   Personally, I do believe in miracles. I've seen miracles, I've experienced miracles, and I am a miracle.  Even with my diagnosis of HIV in 2012, I do believe God to be a healer. I've seen people who were blind regain their site. I've seen people who had cancer be healed. No I'm not lying. If He's healed back then why can't he do it now?   I am a firm believer that miracles h…

Glee - The Chipmunk Song "Christmas Don't Be Late"

Douglas Miller- UnSpeakable Joy