Evander Holyfield: Being Gay Is Like a Handicap

  Good old Revy Rev, Evander Holyfield has ignited a war with recent comments on the UK's "Celebrity Big Brother."   
  Evander Holyfield after a talk with a housemate concerning LGBT sports figures, he states that being gay is no different than a handicap and that medical treatment can fix it. Ummm Did he say that when he had an issue with having children outside of his marriage bed?
  The video has caused an uproar on since it premiered on the internet. Granted he is a preacher and all that Christian stuff shouldn't he be worried about his bankruptcy and child support papers?
  In my opinion the comments were uncalled for.  Its been proven that homosexuality cannot be cured despite popular belief.  I thought Christians were to show love. Guess I was wrong. Check out the video below.


  1. Obviously brain damaged from all those blows to his head.

  2. the weird thing about life is that he is entitled to his opinion

    1. And you are right too bad sometimes somet hings shouldn't be spoken


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