Go Get Your Life

  "Go Get Your Life," is a term that I've been hearing since my days as a female impersonator in Charlotte, NC. It was a common thing to be on stage and hear the crowd or the host of the weekend cabaret yell "Girl, go get your life!!!"
  Recently Tamar Braxton and other celebrities have been using this phrase as part of their jargon and mantras.  One can also apply "get your life," to their own existence. "Get your life," means simply live.  It means live your life to the fullest, reach high for your dreams, and forget what others have to say.  When one "gets their life," they are simply enjoying life and enjoying all that it has to offer.  Getting your life doesn't mean party till you drop or do crazy things, it simply means make the best and reach for the best. 
  I've learned that when you get your life, it doesn't mean just get life or enjoy the present moment, but make a lasting impression.  It means go further than that current moment and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!!!
 I advise you to stop standing in mediocrity and doing nothing and get up and GET YOUR LIFE!!!

♫Musique's Poetry♫


  1. I used to listen this from my Father in my school days. He struggled a lot in his life and became my biggest inspiration and learned many things from him. Still I want to do for him what he expected from me. You have explained a very correct meaning of this phrase here. Thanks buddy for sharing and remembering my Father's dream to be fulfilled.

    1. Thank you, Divya. I'm honored to be fulfilling your father's dream.


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