Grammy Awards 2014, Weddings, and Musique

   The 56th Annual Grammy Awards made history.  With over 30 weddings including Same-Sex couples, a statement was made: "Love is Love." I didn't watch the whole entire award show, however I did catch the musical tributes and Taylor Swifts reaction to not winning.
  What made me watch was the mass wedding ceremony that took place during Macklemore's "Same Love," performance that also featured Madonna, Ryan Lewis with Queen Latifah as the officiant.  While many anti-Gay bigots are stating that this would cause others to be Gay, I say that this is a statement that no matter who you love, you deserve to be able to marry whomever you love (just as long as its another human being and you all are consenting adults).
  My mind goes back to a time in this world in which interracial dating was illegal and now it is legal.  Why not make marriage legal for all?
 Do not get me started on the Oklahoma lawmaker that wants to ban marriage for all people
just so that LGBT couples cannot get married. How dumb and ignorant. I guess that's
what religion does to some people. I causes them to be a jackass.