I'm Changing

  I'm in a state of changing. I'm life Effie White from "Dreamgirls," I'm trying every way I can. In preparation for this move to DC this year, I'm doing all I can to have the financial portion done, the residential providence taken care of and making sure I'm mentally, spiritually and emotionally prepared. Not to mention that this week I am changing my routine.
  I haven't been sleeping as I should, which is partly my fault.  I've been staying up late trying to burn the midnight oil and trying to get a lot of things done, which really I need to take it one step at a time.  I'm trying not to burn out in this season and burn out is something that I cannot afford.  I do believe that things are working out for me.
  This week, I may go a head and get back into the gym.  I need to do something to relieve stress and relax and not worry so much about things.  I am planning to travel more this year as well and enjoy my life.  I do believe that as I start my music career that things will get greater and better for me.  I am changing.  I have no choice but to change. It's a great progression and thank God for it.