Is All That Necessary?

What is the definition necessary? Necessary is defined as important in order to achieve a specific result, or desired by authority or convention. In life we have to often be reminded of the definition of necessary.  It could come in terms of people, places, things, or even ideas.
  Have you ever been friends with someone or dated someone with a lot of  baggage and to everyone else it seemed unnecessary or pointless, but to the one holding on to the baggage it had some type of relevance?  You then ask that friend or partner "Is all of that really necessary." Seeing the bitterness and unwillingness to move on can cause one to question what happened in the past and why it is causing the person to be stuck in the rut they are in.
  Well in life we have to examine if the baggage and sometimes people that we are holding on to are important to us in order for us to go further in our life. We have to answer if it is useful or is it causing you to be weighed down. You have to ask yourself "Is all that necessary."
 When you find that it is no longer necessary,chuck it overboard or set it on fire and move on to your bigger, badder, and better,