@ShirleyBEniang Live a Healthy & Happy Life... 10 Tips!

Shirley B. Eniang
    Meet Shirley B. Eniang, a beautiful Mathemetician, Youtuber, and Fashionista!!!  Shirley has a style and grace that encourages and uplifts.  With Her blog,  "Shirley's Wardrobe," she encourages us with tidbits from her life and blesses us with awesome fashion tips as well.
  Recently, Shirley released a Vlog via Youtube with 10  tips on living a healthy and happy Life.  If you want to live healthy, happy, and less stressed check out her video below. You can follow Shirley by clicking on the highlighted RED LINKS in this post and also on Instagram as well at   http://instagram.com/ShirleyBEniang.


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