Slow Saturdays

  Today has been a wonderful day.  I was off for the weekend and all I did was rest and relax. I even attempted to work on some music. Today has been one of the few days where I take time for myself.
  As I think of this blog and its purpose, I realize that it is my call to be unique, different, yet reach out to others.  At first I didn't think it was going to go anywhere, but I realized that in recent months, this blog is picking up and I am very grateful and thankful for that.
  I want to thank you all for the love that you all have shown me and for all the retweets, shares, and shade!!! It encourages me to keep blogging. At first, I didn't know where this blog was going to go, but it has no choice but to go up.  I may not be the latest Gossip Artist or Celebrity Blogger, but I am making waves.
  Well I'm off to complete some music. Happy Saturday,


  1. Best wishes, Lil Buddy, for all of 2014 and beyond! I'm glad you had time for yourself today! Much love and naked hugs!


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