My Reasons for Being Single

Many people often ask me why I'm single and why it has been so long since I've dated. Well I'm going to compile a list of reasons as to why I'm single.
1. I'm very driven and ambitious
  By me actively seeking to better myself and working on not only my music career, but furthering this blog and making sure that I am able to work for myself in the near future, some candidates are intimidated by that and some guys fear that I'm too busy. The reason that I am so busy right now is because I'm single and I have no one to take my focus away from being busy.
2. I'm feminine.
  I'm not the most masculine men, but I'm not the stereotypical finger snapping, gum popping queen either. Yes I listen to Beyonce, Diana, and I can duckwalk for Joseph, but I also love Lou Rawls, Donnie Hathaway, Luther Vandross, Tyrese, Drake, and the Temptations. I love classical music, Jazz, Opera.  I may be feminine, but I'm still a man that handles responsibility and does what needs to be done. My lack of masculinity happens to be a major factor with some guys, but there is someone for me.
3. I'm moving.
   I'm preparing for a major move to DC by the Fall and I really don't want to get attached to someone and then have to break things off. I refuse to put my heart into limbo like that. Also I don't want to do a long distance relationship either. Then there is the whole moving in thing. What if we move in together and find that it was a bad move.
4. I'm HIV Poz.
  By me being HIV positive a lot of candidates seem to be repelled while others it doesn't bother them. Some make sure that I'm doing my part to stay healthy. Since I've learned the "code of disclosure" some guys have hung up on me, some of stayed, and others are just plain ignorant as to what HIV/AIDS is. No matter how hard I've tried to educate others I still can't seem to find the mate I desire.
5. I'm a Christian.
  For some reason I've been attracting people who disagree with Christianity and my religious beliefs, which I do respect others. However, their approach is totally distasteful.  Yes for some a Gay Christian is paradox in itself, but who am I to judge.
6.I have standards.
Plain and simple I have certain things that I will deal with. I will not settle for less than the best.
These are my reasons for being single. I guess you can say that's it.
♫Musique's Poetry♫


  1. You know what you want and you're working towards that! You know who you are and you are BEING you. You're focused, Lil Buddy and that's always been one of the aspects of YOU that I've admired and respected! Much love and naked hugs!

  2. I admire your openness to share this with us. I believe if you put positive out unto the world, you will get positive back. With that being said, I'm sure when the times comes, you will find the right person for you!


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