Turning 28 and Living

  Well many of you know that 14 days ago I turned 28. Don't I make it look good?  I'm so glad that I have made it this far. Again I thank you all for the love that you've shown me and the birthday wishes and gifts!!!!
  Many of you know that recently I was diagnosed as HIV positive. My best friend Senor Paco along with my Bestie Varron encouraged me that this was not my end, but my beginning!!!.
  I'm excited about life at this point because I'm currently undetectable, healthy and living, loving and being free.  Many people think of one being HIV positive of one being sick, and near death. That is not the case. HIV is the virus that, if left untreated, could progress to full blown AIDS.  Many people are positive and do not know it because they don't get tested or they just feel that not knowing is better. Knowing is the best policy for yourself and others.
  It is important to know your status by getting tested and knowing your partners status and being honest. Also if you are positive get treatment and stay with it.
  Don't I make 28 look good?


  1. Many blessings of hope, health and happiness to you Sir.
    Love the blog. Love your work :)


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